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CoachNow is a digital platform that allows for a better learning experience throughout your entire golf game! I’m thrilled to be able to use this fantastic resource to ensure effective communication, progress management, remote golf instruction and much, much more!

All of your data and video reviews are stored on the secure platform, with 24/7 access to all my content, so you can access it whenever you want!

In Partnership to Improve Your Game

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How Does it Work?

‚ÄčOnce we’ve recieved your information, we will ask you to download the CoachNow mobile app and create a free account.

Once sorted, we’ll connect with you by sending an invitation on the app to join us. After you’ve accepted the request, you’ll recieve personal space where all your lessons, information, data and video reviews will be posted and stored ready for future lessons and practice.

You can then start to record videos of your own game for viewing in your next golf lesson, where I’ll be able to closely analyse to improve your game to a new level.

The app is available for all Apple and Android devices!


CoachNow is an intuitive online platform used for all my lessons, enabling you to view and analyse past and future lessons.

Player Development

The CoachNow platform enables you to go back and visit drills and lessons that you feel helped your game most.

Superb Communication

We're able to chat directly via messages or posts, enabling communication with my clients like never before!

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Using CoachNow in my Coaching

We provide and share notes, videos, photos and more to show our clients the support they need. All lesson TrackMan data, performance files, video reviews and more are uploaded to your personal CoachNow space for your viewing.

Store, upload and re-use your go-to videos, photos and more with your personal library. Store your coaching footage, drills and more with your personal profile on CoachNow.

Online Golf Lessons using CoachNow

Improve your golf game from anywhere with online lessons from Luke Collins. Get personalized coaching, tips, and drills to help you play your best. Purchase a package today!
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Online Improvement

Online lessons allow for improvement focused results, from the comfort of your own home!

Full Swing Analysis

Get a full swing assessment with personalised video analysis for improved golf performance.


To register your interest in this new platform, please fill in the form, or alternatively, you can get in touch.

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