What Services do I offer?

During a conventional golf lesson, depending on your current level you will often be tested on your swing and where the ball goes. Where this might be fine for an early stage golfer, real improvement with golf coaching can only come from looking at exactly what your body is doing throughout your swing, that’s where my services come in as a PGA Professional Golf Coach.


Assessing what your body can do is essential as it can determine the most successful way for you to practice.

On Course Lessons

I offer 90-minute (or more) on-course playing lessons where we put your training into practice.


Coaching young players the correct way is a must in order for them to develop into the best player they can be.

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Advanced Golf Training Technology

As a Trackman Level 2 Certified Coach, I can therefore utilise Trackman and full Video Analysis in most lessons. The worlds most trusted ball and club tracking technology. To read more about what Trackman offers and how I implement it into my lessons, click here.

In Person Golf Coaching Lessons & PRices

50 minute Swing Session with Trackman // £60

Includes TrackMan data with high-speed Video Analysis & remote support via CoachNow app which is also available as part of my online coaching programmes.

Keep Track of your Game & Improve Faster! TrackMan launch monitor gives you all the data you need, is incredibly innovative and seriously performance-enhancing. Trusted by the world’s best, Improve FASTER than you thought possible with Luke Collins Golf!

50 minute Putting Session // £60

Golfers of all levels can immediately understand how they’re putting stroke works, and are delighted when finding out how quickly they can improve their game to save shots! Learn to read greens better, develop consistent pace, repeatedly hole out a higher percentage of the time and learn what are the best ways to practice your putting.

Includes Intuitive instant and accurate TrackMan Data and Video feedback to get the full overview and understanding of any putting stroke. Remote support via CoachNow app.

Trackman 4 used in conjunction with the teaching skills and experience of Luke Collins Golf is a sure fire way to holing more Putts than ever and bringing you confidence of the greens to improve your game!

90 minute Full Game Assessment // £100

(Recommended for new clients)

For golfers that want to gain a clear understanding of what areas of their game need focus to help lower scores!

This full game assessment will usually last about 90 minutes and firstly consist of a discussion about your game. I always recommend a consultation before we both commit to a performance programme.

In depth Full Game review including TrackMan data & video analysis covering:

We’ll also be able to go through some basic physical Dr Golf global screen testing if required to get a better understanding of what physical limitations you may have – this will help dictate how we work on your golf swing and technique moving forwards.

From this analysis we’ll build your personalised improvement plan to help you lower your scores.

Gapping Session with TrackMan // £50

Calibrate your yardages like a pro! Measure with TrackMan. Measure the carry and total distance for each club in your bag to help you play your Best Golf! Includes Shot Data Report & personalised Gapping Card.

Not only will this session significantly improve your game, it will allow you to select clubs with confidence. We guarantee this will result in a more effective practice session.

Course Lessons & Multi Lesson Deals

3 x 45 minute Short Game Coaching sessions // £135

Learn the skills required to get up and down more often from 100 yards & in. Guaranteed to help save shots around the greens leading to lower scoring.

On Course Session (Approx. 90 mins) // £100

During this session we will look at Course Management, Pre-Shot routine, Green reading including technical aspects but mainly this is a tactical and mental session looking at how to maximise your scoring. Report of session and main focus points including videos.

½ Day Coaching - £200

We will utilise both Trackman and Trackman Putting to assess and improve every aspect of your game throughout the half day.

Golf Coaching ½ Days can be arranged for groups or individuals wishing to learn more about specific parts of the game, including putting, short game, long game or to develope new strategies for on course.

Whether you wish to come along and learn more about your golf swing, or develop your short game, attending a ½ day coaching session is for you.

Finishing off the day with a summary in the bar/restaurant.

Junior Golf Coaching



Using a structured learning programme, my junior golf lessons are both fun and challenging for the next budding Tiger Woods.

Monthly In Person Coaching Programmes

For the golfers who want a structured, long term improvement plan, Luke Collins Golf monthly programmes give you ongoing, focused support to help you achieve better scores on the golf course. Every programme is structured and unique for every individual, designed for golfers of all skill and ability levels, from Elite Professionals to complete beginners.

The Advanced Package

Performance Development Programmes
£75 Per Month
  • 1 x 50 minute in-person session per month
  • Additional Bonus *Dr Golf Strength & Conditioning and Mobility programme*
  • Monthly check-in
  • A detailed practice plan tailored specifically for you to help practice effectively and reach your goals
  • CoachNow support will be utilised to help player progression and ensure that feedback and improvement are maximised in-between sessions.

The Elite Package

Performance Development Programmes
£150 Per Month
  • Goal setting & Personal profile
  • 2 x 50 minute in-person sessions per month inc TrackMan data
  • Dr Golf Strength & Conditioning and Mobility programme
  • Monthly check-in report review via zoom
  • A detailed practice plan tailored specifically for you to help practice effectively and reach your goals
  • On course learning and strategy
  • Statistics tracking to review & analyse your game
  • 24/7 CoachNow support will be utilised to help player progression and ensure that feedback and improvement during practice are maximised in-between sessions.

Performance & Injury Prevention


The Dr Golf Global partnership is an evidence based online training platform that has shown to have a significant impact on both golf performance and reducing the risk of injury

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