What Services do I offer?

During a conventional golf lesson, depending on your current level you will often be tested on your swing and where the ball goes. Where this might be fine for an early stage golfer, real improvement with golf coaching can only come from looking at exactly what your body is doing throughout your swing, that’s where my services come in as a PGA Professional Golf Coach.


Assessing what your body can do is essential as it can determine the most successful way for you to practice.

On Course Lessons

I offer 90-minute (or more) on-course playing lessons where we put your training into practice.


Coaching young players the correct way is a must in order for them to develop into the best player they can be.

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Advanced Golf Training Technology

As a Trackman Level 2 Certified Coach, I can therefore utilise Trackman and full Video Analysis in most lessons. The worlds most trusted ball and club tracking technology. To read more about what Trackman offers and how I implement it into my lessons, click here.

Golf Coaching Lessons & PRices

  • 1 Hour Lesson
    A 60 minute golf lesson utilising TrackMan 4
  • Gapping Session
    Calibrate your yardages like a tour pro! Measure the Carry and Total Distance for every club in your bag to help you play your best Golf!
  • Custom Fitting Session
    Get custom fit for your golf clubs insuring each club in your bag is perfect for you. *Receive £20 off the sale of your clubs if purchased on the day.
  • 90 Minute On Course Lesson
    We'll take your lesson on the course with a 90 minute playing lesson where tricky lies and frustrating holes will all be professionally assessed so you can put your training into practice.
  • 45 Minute Lesson
  • 3 x 45 Minute Lessons
    Tailored to you! Long Game, Short Game, Putting with Video analysis and follow up notes.

Junior Golf Coaching

  • 25 Minute Junior Lesson
    Using a structured learning programme, my junior golf lessons are both fun and challenging for the next budding Tiger Woods.
  • 3 x 25 Minute Junior Lessons

The Performance Package

Expert Tuition, Paid for Monthly.

Are you a dedicated golfer looking for a dedicated coaching package to help you reach your full potential?

Using my experience of coaching many golfers of all abilities, my performance package is totally tailored to you throughout.

Designed for the golfer who is serious about improving their game and wants to achieve their golfing potential. Focused on continual improvement through coaching, planning and goal setting by utilising the best technology and physical specialists available.

To start we will have an initial assessment lesson to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Looking at swing, short game and putting. From here we will identify targets, areas of improvement and place practice & performance goals in place.

In addition to this, the performance package allows us to constantly measure, compare and reflect rather than waste time and effort practising the wrong information. Of course keeping in touch every step of the way to keep you motivated and on track!

In addition to everything listed, my performance package also includes full access to the Dr Golf Global platform for strength and conditioning. The app allows you to use unlimited warm-up videos, have access to weekly classes, including a structured weekly programme of development and direct support from Dr. Zach Gould (Dr Golf)

The Performance Package

Extensive game development
£75 Per Month
  • 1 Hour Face to Face Coaching
  • TrackMan Testing with Data
  • Initial Golf Movement Physical assessment
  • *Dr Golf Global Membership & App Access (details below)
  • Performance Stats Tracking
  • Structured Practice Plan
  • 24/7 Online Support

Performance & Injury Prevention


The Dr Golf Global partnership is an evidence based online training platform that has shown to have a significant impact on both golf performance and reducing the risk of injury

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