Online Golf Lessons

Personalised Online Coaching - CoachNow

Want to improve your game, but live outside of our area or want to continue your progress? LGC online coaching programs deliver a private, remote training experience via the CoachNow app that allows you to improve your skills with us from anywhere in the world.

Improve Your Golf Game Anywhere in the World

If you can’t see Luke for an in person 1-to-1, there are still many options available to you for coaching. Whether it is improving swing technique, short game skills, putting, the mental side of the game or statistical analysis and goal setting. Online Coaching is a very suitable, affordable and an amazing way to learn from anywhere in the world.

Online lessons are the perfect alternative for any client who can’t get over to see Luke in person. Through years of experience, Luke has found that the best way to guarantee results, for the remote student, is through regular contact. Hosted through the CoachNow app, the LCG online coaching platform will be offered as a Single Analysis, Unlimited Monthly & 12 Month plan options.

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Full Swing Analysis & Feedback

Lessons begin with an online analysis of your swing and then drills and preventative measures will be put in place. It is after this that the student will use the CoachNow training platform to get regular feedback from Luke. Clients can upload a video of their swing and expect a response from Luke within 48 hours. The app will serve as a way of Luke and the golfer staying in contact in between lessons and as a supervised practice to assist the student on their journey.

“As a golf coach, my foremost principle is to ensure functionality of your technique over just the aesthetics. The changes I suggest with help you technically but with the sole purpose of being able to take that to the course and improve your scores as that is what matters most. My preference is to use simple, concise language that can make even the most complex aspects easy to understand. I have always believed that a true understanding of what you need to work on, simplified into one or two simple instructions is the quickest route to improvement. I always tailor my lessons to the individual and what they require.

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Luke Collins